Gastroenterologists are medical specialists that perform procedures specific to the gastro-intestinal system. We provide a range of services that your doctor has recommended or are specific for your condition.



A consultation is a step that allows assessment of the medical problem unique to you.

You or your general practitioner (GP) may request for a consultation which involves discussing your medical condition, it’s symptoms, duration. Information on your general health, medications, past medical issues and family history will be obtained. A physical examination and previous investigations will be recorded. A plan of management will be formulated.


An internal endoscopic examination that allows careful inspection of the upper gastro-intestinal tract.

An examination usually performed under anaesthesia using a video endoscope which examines the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. This includes the oesophagus, stomach and initial portion of the small bowel. Biopsies may be obtained.

We will provide more information at the time of consultation including the risks involved.



An internal endoscopic examination which carefully inspects the lower gastro-intestinal tract.

Performed under anaesthesia, a video endoscope is passed from the anus through the entire large intestine or colon. The area close to the appendix and the end of the small bowel is the usual limit of the examination. Polyps can be removed, biopsies obtained and it is an essential test for bowel cancer screening.


Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy

Both internal endoscopic examinations performed for both upper and lower internal examination.

If indicated, the two tests are safely performed under a single anesthetic. It is done sequentially.


Capsule Endoscopy

A miniature capsule camera that allows images of the small intestine to be recorded and viewed.

Also known as a Pillcam, a small camera the size of a pill, is swallowed. It obtains images of the small bowel which is recorded and reviewed in detail to examine the entire small intestine. The small intestine can be up to 4 metres in length.


Single or Double Balloon Enteroscopy

Longer and more specialized endoscopic procedures that examine the longer small intestine.

Enteroscopy is a video endoscope that is long and flexible. Along with a system of small balloons, it can reach further into the gut and specifically into the small intestine.


Dietitian Support

Specialist nutritionist that can help and advice with regard to disease improvement through dietary modification.

We have access to Dr Emma Halmos who is a talented dietitian and well known internationally for her research and publications.


Non-surgical weight loss system

Weight loss plan involving insertion of an internal stomach balloon.

Obera intra-gastric balloon.

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